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Online ordering for weekly home delivery is ONLY available
to customers in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Please have all orders submitted by noon on Wednesday. All deliveries will be made on Thursday unless otherwise contacted. We also respectfully request a $50 minimum order for home delivery service. For any questions about home delivery please call Julius directly at 704-989-0602.

Whole Young Turkey

All natural whole young turkey. Approximately 10-12 pounds.

$33.00 each

Flank Steak

Flank steak is lean and very flavorful. Sliced against the grain when serving and often used for fajitas.

$13.00/1 per pack, +/- 1lb


This is the lower portion of the leg quarter, the portion between the knee joint and the hock. Drumsticks are great marinated, then baked or grilled.

$19.00 2 3/4 lb pack

Premium Steak Burger

Our steak burger is ground filet, sirloin and top round. Preferred for burgers, spaghetti, tacos, etc.


Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

30 free-range, antibiotic free large brown eggs.



Made with all-natural pork. Great for pan frying and grilling.

$11.00 4 per pack

Filet Mignon

The most tender steak cut. The filet has a succulent, buttery texture and compact shape.

$33.00 2 per pack, 1 3/4 inch thick

Mild Sausage

All-natural pork sausage with mild seasoning. Each pack is approximately 1lb.

$10.00/1 lb pack

New York Strip (Bone-in)

Bone-in cut, this strip provide a lean and full flavored steak. NY strips have a fine grain with sturdy texture and are great for quick cooking.

$28.00/1 per pack, 1 3/4 inch thick

Soup Bones

Beef bones add depth and flavor to all dishes, typically used as a soup base.

$10.00/2 lb pack

Hot Sausage

All-natural pork sausage with hot seasoning. Each pack is approximately 1lb.

$10.00/1 lb pack

Stew Beef

Stew beef is cut from the bottom round. Provides tender meat with more marbling. Great for slow cooker stews and soups.

$19.00/1.5 lb