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Latest Update

Salem Hills is now strictly a home delivery service!  We will no longer be selling our products at the Kings Drive Farmers Market but rather be an online local home delivery service as we move forward into 2020.  We will be delivering our products to customers on a weekly basis right to your doorstep in the greater Charlotte area year round. Order Below!

At Salem Hills we are committed to doing all we can to help keep our customers safe. From processing to delivery our products are safely handled by only a select number of people. Julius Price is continuing to make every delivery, therefore we respectfully require minimums on all home delivery orders. $50 minimum order for home delivery service within Charlotte, Matthews, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Weddington, and Monroe. $100 minimum order for home delivery service to areas outside of Charlotte, such as Fort Mill, Belmont/Mt. Holly, Huntersville/Mooresville and Concord/Kannapolis.

Salem Hills Farm is not responsible once your product has been delivered. If you feel your products are not safe left unattended please place your cooler in a less conspicuous location. Just leave a clear description on your order form! Thank you for your understanding.

*** Please submit all orders by 4pm on Monday for Tuesday delivery and by 4pm Wednesday for Thursday delivery. For any questions please call Julius directly at 704-989-0602.


Tomahawk Ribeye

$31.00 1.5lbs per pack

Bone cut at Ribeye tip


Premium Steak Burger

$12.00 1lb pack

Our steak burger is ground filet, sirloin and top round. Preferred for burgers, spaghetti, tacos, etc.


New York Strip (Boneless)

$21.00 1 per pack, 1 3/4 inch thick

Lean and full flavored. NY strips have a fine grain with sturdy texture and are great for quick cooking.


Ribeye Steak (Boneless)

$38.00 1 per pack, 1 3/4 inch thick

Rich beefy flavor with juicy marbling throughout. Also known as the Delmonico cut.


Flank Steak

$33.00 1 per pack, +/- 2.5lb

Flank steak is lean and very flavorful. Sliced against the grain when serving and often used for fajitas.


Shoulder Roast

$38.00 /2.5lb (Aprox)

This is the most versatile roast with bone and is great on the grill, baked or slow cooked.


Stew Beef

$19.00 /1.5lb

Stew beef is cut from the bottom round. Provides tender meat with more marbling. Great for slow cooker stews and soups.


Cube Steak

$17.00 4 per pack, approximately 16oz total

“Country style steak” Soft and tender with minimal marbling. 4 ounces, 4 per pack.


Beef Liver

$8.00 /1 lb

When grass fed, comparable to calf liver. Enjoy the medicinal qualities of clean, grass fed liver.


Beef Jerky


London broil marinated with Bragg Liquid Aminos and Madagascar Black Pepper. Absolutely no sugar added.


Eye of Round

$33.00 +/- 2.5lb each

Only four per cow. The eye round muscle is one of the least used and most tender. Excellent for sandwiches.


Sirloin Tips

$22.00 1.5lb packs

Top sirloin cut into 1” cubes. Great for stir fry.


Whole Beef Brisket

$165.00 Approx. 12lbs

The whole beef brisket - Less tender and leaner than ribs. Becomes tender with moist, long and slow cooking. Average 12-14lbs. each



$18.00 1.5lb packs

Cut from top round into 2” cubes.


Chuck Roast (Bone in)

$31.00 A large flat shape roast cut 2”-3” thick. Robust, and full of flavor.

A large flat shape roast cut 2”-3” thick. Robust, and full of flavor.


Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless)

$5.00 approximately 10oz

Boneless, skinless chicken breast are the most versatile chicken meat. Breasts are all white meat, containing very little fat.


Thighs (Boneless/Skinless)

$21.00 2.5lb pack

Very flavorful all dark meat containing slightly more fat then the breast.


Ground Chicken

$15.00 2lb pack

Finely minced chicken.


Whole Young Chicken

$19.00 3lb each

A whole bird that can be cooked whole, cut into pieces and used for making chicken stock.


Breast Quarter (Bone-in/Skin on/Wing Attached)

$13.00 2 per pack

Breast quarters are all white meat that contain the bone. This cut includes half a breast, a wing, and part of the back.


Leg Quarters

$15.00 4 per pack

Leg quarters include a thigh, drumstick and part of the back.



$16.00 2.5lb pack

This is the lower portion of the leg quarter, the portion between the knee joint and the hock. Drumsticks are great marinated, then baked or grilled.



$17.00 2.5lb pack

This is the first section between the shoulder and the elbow. Drumettes are great marinated then baked or grilled.



$15.00 2.5lb pack

Wings are all white meat composed of three sections; the drumette, mid-section, and tip. Wings are great marinated, then baked or grilled.


Farm Fresh Eggs


Whole flat (30 Eggs) - cage free