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We will be delivering our products to customers on a weekly basis right to your doorstep in the greater Charlotte area year round. 

We respectfully require minimums on all home delivery orders.  $50 minimum order for home delivery service within Charlotte, Matthews, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Weddington, and Monroe. $100 minimum order for home delivery service to areas outside of Charlotte, such as Fort Mill, Belmont/Mt. Holly, Huntersville/Mooresville and Concord/Kannapolis.

Salem Hills Farm is not responsible once your product has been delivered. If you feel your products are not safe left unattended please place your cooler in a less conspicuous location. Just leave a clear description on your order form! Thank you for your understanding.

*** Please submit all orders by 4pm on Monday for Tuesday delivery and by 4pm Wednesday for Thursday delivery. For any questions please call Julius directly at 704-989-0602.


Whole Beef Tenderloin


5.5-6 pounds each.


Tomahawk Ribeye

$25.00 1.5-2lbs each

Bone cut at Ribeye tip


Premium Steak Burger

$13.50 Approximately 1lb + per pack

Our steak burger is ground filet, sirloin and top round. Preferred for burgers, spaghetti, tacos, etc.


New York Strip (Boneless)

$26.00 1 per pack, 1 3/4 inch thick

Lean and full flavored. NY strips have a fine grain with sturdy texture and are great for quick cooking.


Flank Steak

$28.00 1 per pack, 1.5-2lbs each

Flank steak is lean and very flavorful. Sliced against the grain when serving and often used for fajitas.


Stew Beef

$19.00 /1.5lb

Stew beef is cut from the bottom round. Provides tender meat with more marbling. Great for slow cooker stews and soups.


Cube Steak

$27.00 4-5 steaks per pack, approximately 2 lb per pack

“Country style steak” Soft and tender with minimal marbling. 4 ounces, 4 per pack.


Soup Bones

$12.00 2.0lb pack

Beef bones add depth and flavor to all dishes, typically used as a soup base.


Knuckle Bones

$17.00 5.0lb pack

Beef bones add depth and flavor to all dishes, typically used as a soup base.


Eye of Round

$33.00 2lb each

Only four per cow. The eye round muscle is one of the least used and most tender. Excellent for sandwiches.


Primal Cut Whole Beef Brisket

$210.00 Approx. 14-18lbs

The whole beef brisket - Less tender and leaner than ribs. Becomes tender with moist, long and slow cooking. Average 12-14lbs. each



$18.00 1.5lb packs

Cut from top round into 2” cubes.


Chuck Roast (Boneless)

$25.00 A large flat shape roast cut 2”-3” thick. Robust, and full of flavor.

A large flat shape roast cut 2”-3” thick. Robust, and full of flavor.


Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless)

$7.25 approximately 10oz

Boneless, skinless chicken breast are the most versatile chicken meat. Breasts are all white meat, containing very little fat.


Thighs (Boneless/Skinless)

$19.00 2lb pack

Very flavorful all dark meat containing slightly more fat then the breast.


Ground Chicken

$10.00 1lb pack

Finely minced chicken.


Whole Young Chicken

$19.00 3lb each

A whole bird that can be cooked whole, cut into pieces and used for making chicken stock.


Breast Quarter (Bone-in/Skin on/Wing Attached)

$15.00 2 per pack

Breast quarters are all white meat that contain the bone. This cut includes half a breast, a wing, and part of the back.


Leg Quarters

$19.00 4-5 per pack

Leg quarters include a thigh, drumstick and part of the back.



$14.00 1.5lb pack

Wings are all white meat composed of three sections; the drumette, mid-section, and tip. Wings are great marinated, then baked or grilled.


Farm Fresh Eggs


Whole flat (30 Eggs) - cage free