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    Tomahawk Ribeye

    $38.00 1.5-2lbs each

    Bone cut at Ribeye tip

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    Premium Steak Burger

    $13.50 Approximately 1lb + per pack

    Our steak burger is ground filet, sirloin and top round. Preferred for burgers, spaghetti, tacos, etc.

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    Stew Beef

    $17.00 /1.5lb

    Stew beef is cut from the bottom round. Provides tender meat with more marbling. Great for slow cooker stews and soups.

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    Beef Liver

    $8.00 /1 lb

    When grass fed, comparable to calf liver. Enjoy the medicinal qualities of clean, grass fed liver.

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    Sirloin Tips

    $18.00 1.5lb packs

    Top sirloin cut into 1” cubes. Great for stir fry.

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    Primal Cut Sirloin Steak/Roast

    $38.00 Sirloin Primal Cut 2-2.5 lbs

    Extremely tender, primal cut sirloin steak/roast,  “The Steak roast”. Grill this like a Flintstone Steak or cook it like a roast, you can’t go wrong either way!

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    $18.00 1.5lb packs

    Cut from top round into 2” cubes.