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Know your Farmer

Salem Hills Farm was established in 2001 by Julius Price to turn a hobby and passion into a job that he’d love.

Julius traded in his corporate sales job to go back to his roots. “I come from a family that instilled the value of living off the land. My grandfather was a rancher and worked a several-acre garden every year to feed the family. I remember walking behind Papa, foot to foot as he tilled the garden and the excitement for young boys to pick the tomatoes we had planted. My father followed the trade and became a butcher. These two men instilled the value of owning and working the land and encouraged me to buy my land and farm at a very young age.”

Julius’ 70+ acre farm which was purchased in 2001, a few years after graduating from the Citadel, is the farm used today to raise his cattle.

In 2011, Salem Hills Farm started selling their 100% Grass Fed Beef at the King’s Drive Farmers’ Market in Charlotte, NC. This historic market has been owned and operated by the Simpson Family since 1941. Salem Hills has continued to grow by adding several local restaurants and offering home delivery during the off season.

“Today we continue to do what we love and share the importance of respecting and living off the land and providing high-quality beef for our family and yours.”