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Salem Hills Farm – 100% Grass Fed Beef

Our meats are locally raised, 100% grass-fed on open pastures, and locally harvested hay.  No hormones,  antibiotics or treated feeds.

In 2011, Salem Hills Farm started selling their 100% Grass Fed Beef at the King’s Drive Farmers Market, Charlotte, NC, owned and operated by the Simpson Family since 1941.  The business has continued to grow by adding several local restaurants and offering home delivery during the off season.  Learn more…

Salem Hills Farm

Why Salem Hills?

Learn what makes Salem Hills Farm difference from over beef and poultry purveyors.  Our pastures, cows, nutrition and other factors make us the natural choice.  Learn more…

Salem Hills Farm - Grass Fed Beef

Salem Hills Products

Browse our latest product and pricing list and call to order your monthly delivery today!  Learn more…

Restaurants Serving 100% Grass Fed Beef in Charlotte

Where To Eat?

There are several area restaurants where Salem Hills Farm products are served. Browse our local partners to learn more!  Take a look…

Salem Hills Farm

Contact Us

Salem Hills Farm
6347 Sandy Smith Road
Marshville, NC 28103

Phone: 704-989-0602

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